Prevention is better then cure. That’s what we are always told right? So why do so many of us choose to wait until we feel a twinge, niggle or even a pull? 

In my experience, I have seen both sides of runners. Ones who use massage as prevention and incorporate it into there training programs and then runners who come in for the cure. Whether you are a trail runner, marathoner or just love to run - the impact of the force generated can be detrimental to the body so it is absolutely vital to loosen the muscle fibers and stimulate the circulatory system. You see, running requires repetitive muscle contractions which creates a force in which the muscle fibers must shorten. These contractions will result in your ability to increase speed, power and distance. Unfortunately, the down side to this is your muscles will become tighter resulting in a decreased range of movement through your joints and restriction of circulation into your muscles. 

Sports and Remedial massage will work on recovering that range of movement through lengthening and stretching your muscles by manipulating the soft tissues and using specific techniques. Massage plays a vital role in recovery by eliminating toxins from the body, increase oxygenated the blood cells. 

Regular massage throughout your training program can certainly make a difference in your results but most importantly it’s prevention which is better then cure!